Thursday, April 16, 2009

Super specific things to paint.

This is one of my latest obsessions, either because I love Pez so much, or because I have never been without a job before and this is the only thing beides quilting that I can do to occupy my mind. I have started to paint ONLY Pez dispensers. I know, it's super weird. I actually got lucky though and an art gallery wants to feature these this weekend at a show. Maybe I'll become famous for painting Pez. Because I am photobucketly challenged, you will have to click on the painting to see the whole thing.
croc pez painting
1st pez painting
Frog painting
Octopus pez painting
ONe-eyed monster pez painting
Owl Pez Painting


  1. I think you'll definitely have the "people collecting Pez art" market all to yourself! Pretty cool stuff...BTW, is the picture with the scribbled-on mustache you? LOL

  2. I don't know... does it take you to my whole photobucket page?

  3. Yup... that's me...hmmm...I guess I should have thought about if ALL of my photos were going to show up... My friends and I had a mustache contest and since I am unable to grow one I drew one on myself and submitted it. I should have won damn it.

  4. I agree...that was quite a tickler you had there!

    BTW, your gator Pez looks a little too much like a penis on the blog. I'm just saying...Freud would have LOTS to say about why you painted that.

  5. Rowr! Oh wait...that's probably not what you meant.

  6. Well he didn't rape me or anything if that's what you're thinking.

  7. Oh perverted mind went somewhere completely different with the "Daddy" concept. LOL


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