Friday, April 17, 2009

The Mother In Law Chronicles Part Three

This woman is infuriating. I'm not sure what kind of game she's trying to play here. Usually when you call someone seventy-three times and they hang up on you or just don't answer, you don't call back right?
This is my morning so far:

7:42 a.m. - I hang up on her without saying anything. * I seriously think there's a reason she's calling at something-forty-two all day long but I can't figure out the method to her madness*

7:42 a.m.- She calls back. Once again, I hang up.

7:42 a.m.- She calls back. I hang up, yet another time.

7:43 a.m.- She calls AGAIN. I hang up AGAIN.

7:43 a.m.- My husband's phone rings in the pocket of his jacket. I pull it out and hang up on her. I know it's childish, but c'mon... it's 7:43... A.M.!!!

7:43 a.m.- I receive a text. Contents of text: "It seems you keep hanging up on me or something wrong with phone. Have the girls call me. Thanks."

7:44 a.m.- She tries my phone one last time. I hang up on her.

7:44 a.m.- She calls my husband's phone again. She leaves a voicemail asking him to have our children call her and letting him know that she thinks I've been hanging up on her.

7:44 a.m.- She texts my husband to see if he got her voicemail.

SERIOUSLY people, THIS is my life.


  1. Alright, I'm convinced this bitch has some serious screws loose. Maybe she's like autistic or has some brain tumor that's triggering her to call you on the 42's? But, then...she almost just sounds mentally retarded too, so I don't know.

    Yeah, good luck on that! By the way, is she white? I mean, as opposed to latina or whatever...because latina's are some crazy bitches! I know that from personal experience; I'm married to one.

  2. that's sweet... thank you very much. it isn't my job but i'd like to be recognized for them. as for mother in laws, never had one but boyfriends' mothers and i don't mix.

  3. Yah, she's white. I don't know. I think she's of Russian decent though so that could explain part of it. Maybe this is some sort of Russian torture method that was passed down from mother in law to mother in law in the homeland. Not to offend Russian people, but they do hold an extremely high record of Darwin awards so I assume they are crazy.

  4. All Slavs are crazy too...not just Russians. Ukrainians, Georgians, Bosnian, Yugos, name it, and they have screws loose. You don't have to offend them, I'll do it for you! ;-)

  5. What about Bohemians? Bohemians are normal right? RIGHT??

  6. LOL the comments from Byron are great! I would change my number!

  7. I did tonight. So now I am awaiting the emails I am sure to get. I'll be sure to post them for all to see. God, I hate her. I need to go count to ten or rip a phone book in half.

  8. Yes, long as they shower, Bohemians are normal.


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