Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Placenta Purse

My sister calls this morning, as she does every morning, and starts talking my ear off about placentas. I'm only one cup of coffee in and I feel queasy. She is telling me about how angry she was that nobody *including Hollywood* had warned her about the actual birthing process. She was completely freaked out when the doctor asked her to first, push her child out, and second, push out the pulsating, brain-sized matter that followed the kid. I didn't even want to see my own placenta when I had my kids but now I am being subjected to someone else's account of this vomit inducing procedure.
I asked her why we were talking about placentas and she said she was just thinking about how people make them into purses after birth.
Um, yuk. I guess people also eat these things and bury them in their yards and do all sorts of other unimaginable things with this *obvious to me* bit of refuse. I didn't even know what it was really because, although I made my husband stand there and look at it, I had no idea what it was and I never cared to know. Thanks sis.


  1. I have to say I am completely grossed out. Placenta purse? (insert vomit noise here)


  2. ...

    Uhhhhh, nothankslookatthetimeigootagonowseeya!

  3. Sorry to gross you people out... you never did anything to deserve this.

  4. Yeah, I don't know about making a purse out of it. I've heard all of the old tales, traditions, what-not about people actually eating it, burying them in the yard, putting it under their pillow to sleep on, etc...

    For me, it wasn't all that "gross" really because I knew what it had been and the purpose of it, so I understood and appreciated the magnitude of what that thing does. But, it IS refuse once the baby is born...toss it.

  5. Placenta purse???? How do you keep your lipstick and credit cards from getting all gunky and wouldn't it start smelling pretty quick? Maybe it's just a disposable purse, only to be used for a couple days after you leave the hospital to keep your breast pump and pain meds in?

    These are questions that need to be answered, people. I'm off to Google-land.

  6. SOOOO tempted to do a Google image search.....SOOOOO not gonna do it.
    SOOOO freaking grossed out.

    "Darling, what an unusual bag! It's so unique I just adore it. It feels so rich! /rubbing beautifully manicured hands all over it/ Where on earth did you find that fabulous gem?"

    "It came out of my crotch."

  7. hehe I love the idea of GUCCI blinging up a celebrity placenta and selling it off for a squillion, come on Angelina you gotta have lots of spares lying around surely

  8. OK now. You can't leave us hanging (not a placenta reference). What is going on in your life?

    Crazed mother-in-law, crotch burning coffee, another child hiding behind the in utero child, sister donating her liver for a pair of slippers?



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