Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Morning Time

"Do you want Fruit Loops?," I ask my oldest daughter.
"What did you just say?," my oldest daughter replies.
"I asked if you want Fruit Loops or not," I reply a little irritated that I have to repeat EVERYTHING around here.
"I heard what you said. OF COURSE I want Fruit Loops," she snaps back at me.

My sarcasm should not be one of the traits that I pass along to my children, but too late.

"Mom, can I take a bath?," my middle child asks.
"Yes. Go jump in," I tell her.
"You said not to jump in the bathtub," my middle child says puzzled.
"Not literally. Geesh," I reply.
"What does LIT-AR-ULLY mean?," my middle child asks, getting on my very last nerve for the morning.
"It means GET-IN-THE-BATH-NOW," I say as I'm making a bottle for the baby and a bowl of cereal for my nephew and cleaning the table after my oldest daughter simultaneously.
"Oh," she says, and heads off for the bathroom.

"Are you making me breakfast Auntie Na-na?," my nephew asks.
"Does it LOOK like I'm making you breakfast?," I ask in my sweetest morning voice.
"Is that cereal for me?," he asks.
"Well it's not for the babies," I reply.
"So...are you making me breakfast Auntie Na-na?"

"I NEED A TOWEL!!!," my middle child screams from the other room.

"WAHHHHHH," the baby in the back room cries.

"WAHHHHHH," the baby in the front room cries.

"I forgot to do my homework," my oldest daughter tells me.

"I want my breakfast," my nephew whines while stomping in small circles around my legs in the kitchen.

"MOM! TOWEL!!," my middle child screams again.

"I'm going to get detention," my oldest child says.

"I'M SOOOO HUNGRY...," my nephew says, thinking that will make me move faster.

*SLURP* The baby in the back room is now taken care of.

*SLURP* The baby in the front room is now taken care of.

*SPOON CLANKING ON SIDE OF CEREAL BOWL* My nephew is taken care of.

*SPLASH* My middle daughter is handed a towel and taken care of.

*FURIOUS SCRIBBLES* My oldest daughter finishes the last bit of homework.


"Mom, I'm still hungry," my oldest daughter says.

"Me too!," my middle one chimes in.

"Auntie Na-na, when I am done with my cereal can I have more?," my nephew asks feeling left out of the conversation.

"WAHHHHHH!," the baby in the back room screams for a diaper change.

"WAHHHHH!," the baby in the front room screams for a diaper change.

"EEEE!! EEEE!! EEEE!!," says the voice in my head as I eyeball a sharp knife and my empty coffee pot.


  1. Shipment of Calgon to "Take you away" is in the mail.

  2. Thank you Houston! How can I ever repay you? Would you like some of my Xanax? I'm not sure if it's legal to mail these things.


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