Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cry Me A Crick

This pregnancy is sooo not fun anymore. The baby finally made some sort of movement yesterday which was pretty exciting and today I found out that it is a girl. Another damned girl! I already have two of those. I guess it is good because I pretty much know what to expect in terms of moodiness but I started thinking about it and, between my three girls, I am going to have NINE consecutive years of dealing with teenagers. Teenage girls. On the upside, the ultrasound today confirmed my idea to buy stock in Tampax so hopefully we'll be able to break even every month.
Of course, after I was told it was a girl, I had to do the whole call the family and text the other people I didn't want to hear me crying. The following texts are to and from my cousin Curt:

Me: It's a girl! Again!

Curt: Good God. Well, I guess some parents are more equipped than others to deal with the wrath of an all girl family. Good luck with that.

Me: Yah, thanks so much. Do you have a good heroin hook-up?

Curt: Not right now but I'm pretty sure I can find one.

Me: Keep your eyes peeled.


  1. Love the texts...too funny. Better build a man den for your hub. One girl in this family is too much estrogen for mine. haha.

  2. Yeah, he's going super crazy at the prospect of four uniting cycles. Even our chihuahua is a female so he has no one to escape to.

  3. I offered to sell you an adorable boy just this morning, and you refused! Now its to late, because I like him again.
    You have awesome girls, I'm happy!:)
    Do you think its possible it will be such an estrogen overload for him that he himself will start to grow boobs?

  4. I don't know. I've heard the hormones in milk can do that to you so maybe if he starts drinking it...

  5. Hang in there. We had three boys in a row, then the two girls. I can't find anything we did differently...

    Let em think... We did change pool boys in between the boys and girls...

    Nope, can't think of anything we did different.

  6. Sorry, I wan't letting "em" think. I(ME) was trying to think.

    Em can think on his own.

  7. I would congratulate you... but seems you have had enough of that allready so um... Maybe the hubby can suit up next time... Many blessings! Love you blogs! Your a riot!


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